Home solar battery storage

A home solar battery storage system will enable you to reduce your energy spend further by utilising more of the energy generated by the solar panels.
Anesco offer a range of battery storage systems and will be able to recommend the most appropriate solution for your home and budget following a site survey.
Our site surveys are free of charge and are available across the UK.
To learn more or to book a site survey please call 0345 646 0019.

How does home solar battery storage work?

A home battery works by storing the spare electricity being generated by your solar panels, so it can be used whenever you need it. But they also do much, much more.

As an intelligent storage system, they can help to optimise your energy usage according to your household consumption. This ensures you are using as much of your own, self-generated power as possible, and that any power you do buy is done so at cheaper, off-peak prices.

The battery can be fully integrated with a new or existing solar scheme, and used to support your home energy needs, including electric vehicle charging.

It takes around 4 hours for a battery unit to be fitted within a property and although they can be fitted almost anywhere indoors, you will typically find them in a kitchen, utility room or integral garage. Once fitted, the battery is non-intrusive and only emits a noise similar to that of a modern refrigerator.

Our experienced team will handle the installation of your entire system, including the battery, solar panels, heat pump and EV charge point if required.

In the rare event that planning permission or changes to grid connections are required, we will also take care of that for you.

Why Anesco Smart Energy? A safe pair of hands

Anesco Smart Energy is part of Anesco Ltd, a hugely successful company that has a history in designing, building and connecting high performing solar and battery storage assets.

Furthermore, the company is now recognised as having the largest operations and maintenance service in the UK.

Anesco At Home - Green graphic

Anesco At Home - Green graphic

Our batteries

Anesco Smart Energy has a range of battery storage units are used in households around the world.

Our batteries generate clean energy, lower energy bills and offer protection against energy price rises in the future.

Anesco Smart Energy has an after sales maintenance plan to keep your home solution in top working order.




Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a battery?

It usually takes around 4hrs to install a battery storage unit in a home.

Aren’t battery prices coming down? Shouldn’t I wait?

Battery prices have come down dramatically in the last few years and prices are now at an all-time low. While there may be further price drops in the future, as with any technology, the biggest drops are likely to have already happened.

Now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of this, and the benefits that a battery could offer for your home.

What size battery do I need?

We will use our clever algorithms to model the whole year and determine what is going to be the best size battery for you. This may typically be smaller than you might expect, as any battery we do suggest needs to be working hard all year round, to pay for itself. However, our systems are modular and can be increased in capacity at any point.

Additionally, if you wish to have to oversize the battery to capture every last drop of solar power being generated, then we can size it for you on that basis too.

Does the Anesco Smart Energy system really work?

Yes! And we should know, we’ve tested it in our own homes – you can read more about that in our case studies.

These firsthand experiences have helped us to shape and enhance what we offer to our customers. Because we have tested the system ourselves, we know there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Every household is different, which is why we work closely with every one of our customers, to design the perfect system for them.

Anesco Smart Energy combines the best technology on the market, with our team’s extensive experience in the renewables space – a sector we have been working in for almost a decade. Having the ability to automatically switch energy tariffs whenever it is beneficial to do so, is a key part of giving homeowners a complete home energy system. We do the hard work for you, by pulling together the data and crunching the numbers, to ensure each individual customer has the most cost-effective system for them.

Is this system right for me?

If you use a lot of energy, for example if you are a family; you have a larger property; if you have electric heating; or you drive an electric vehicle; then our energy system will help minimise your energy bills.

Existing solar can be made to work harder for you by storing the excess so that you can use it later, and if you don’t have solar, we can see if there is a suitable way of installing it and do it for you at the same time. Our surveyor can see if you would be suitable for a heat pump too. We will only ever recommend systems that are worthwhile to you, if the system won’t save you money and pay for itself, then we won’t recommend it.

By combining our products with the Home Energy Care Plan we accelerate your savings by switching you automatically to the lowest available tariff. We use our knowledge of your energy flexibility to make sure your battery takes full advantage of any off-peak periods and keep your bills as low as possible. And of course, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, by lowering your carbon footprint.