Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical payback period?

That will depend on the type and size of system you choose. Your system should provide benefits for at least 20 years, under normal operating circumstances, meaning you are benefiting long after the measures have paid for themselves. For comparison, here are typical payback periods for other common household upgrades:

  • Insulation takes 7-10 years to pay back
  • Low energy lighting may take up to a year
  • Double glazing can take 50 years

We work incredibly hard to maximise the benefit for our customers, through our ground-breaking energy management plan, the Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan. We not only manage the physical energy flows in your house and make sure the system works as hard as it can for you, but we also manage how much you pay for what you do buy, to maximise your overall benefit.

Other offers on energy storage generally come from suppliers, so while the upfront cost might look a little lower that is because they will be operating the system for their own benefit some of the time, meaning you won’t get the full benefit that you could.

We always make sure the system works for you and only you. We also have to be very conservative by law in the estimates we can show you, so you can be confident that you will save at least what we predict.

Does the Anesco Smart Energy system really work?

Yes! And we should know, we’ve tested it in our own homes – you can read more about that in our case studies.

These firsthand experiences have helped us to shape and enhance what we offer to our customers. Because we have tested the system ourselves, we know there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Every household is different, which is why we work closely with every one of our customers, to design the perfect system for them.

Anesco Smart Energy combines the best technology on the market, with our team’s extensive experience in the renewables space – a sector we have been working in for almost a decade. Having the ability to automatically switch energy tariffs whenever it is beneficial to do so, is a key part of giving homeowners a complete home energy system. We do the hard work for you, by pulling together the data and crunching the numbers, to ensure each individual customer has the most cost-effective system for them.

What product warranties do you offer?

If we install solar panels, a battery, air source heat pump, or an EV charge point in your home, then these items will be covered by the individual manufacturers’ warranty.

The installation itself will be covered by us.

If you sign up for the Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan, then you can have complete peace of mind that your investment will be fully protected. As well as making sure you are on the lowest available energy tariff, our operations and maintenance system will ensure that your home energy system is operating at its optimal capacity. Were any problems to arise, then they would be quickly detected and fixed by us at a convenient time for you, to ensure you’re always making those savings.

Who is Anesco?

Anesco Smart Energy is brought to you by the award-winning team at Anesco, the UK’s leading cleantech company. Since being founded in 2010, Anesco has delivered renewable projects big and small, for customers based across the UK.

From designing and installing solar schemes for homes and businesses, through to constructing large-scale solar farms and managing major energy efficiency projects, we have been at the forefront of the country’s renewable energy revolution. Find out more.

What happens in a power cut?

During a power cut important protection systems disable your battery to make sure anyone working on the network is safe. We are working with our suppliers to provide back-up power options for our customers.

Who will handle the installation?

We work to the highest standards and adhere to all the necessary codes of practice. We pride ourselves on doing a safe and neat piece of work on every home and cleaning up once we are finished.

We will make sure that cable runs are discreet and housed properly, all commissioning and testing records are complete, and a copy and user manual stays with you. Our systems will be in your home for many years, so we work hard to ensure you are entirely happy with every aspect of our service and delivery.

Does the system mean I don't need power from the grid?

You may not need any power from the grid on sunny days, but on other days your solar power generation may be less than your usage. The amount of power imported from the grid varies between households depending on electricity usage, the relative size of the solar system and battery.

What if I decide to move house?

If you have a battery, then that can easily be moved to your new house by an electrician using the information we provide with your installation. Your solar panels can also be removed and installed on your new home if you wish, although many people don’t choose to do this for a number of reasons, including any schemes they have chosen to take part in, such as the Feed In Tariffs.

It is not usually practical to move a heat pump once installed, just as you wouldn’t take your boiler with you. However, as it will significantly reduce the running cost of the property, it could become a selling point that is attractive to potential buyers. The energy efficiency of a property is now a staple part of the buying and selling process. With our energy system in place, your home will have great energy credentials!

How will I know how much I've saved?

You can see how much you are saving by comparing your new and old electricity bills. If you sign up to the Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan, we will send your regular reports on how much energy your system is saving for you.

My energy bills are already pretty low – do I need this?

If your energy bills are low, then happy days! You may not need our help. Any system we design, install and maintain, has to work for you and pay for itself. If it isn’t having to work very hard because you aren’t using that much energy, then the payback period will naturally be longer.

We’ll find the size the system that’s best for you, based on an understanding of your current energy use and the financial savings that could be achieved. After that, it’s totally up to you whether you are happy with our proposal and decide to go ahead.

How does this affect my normal electricity bill?

A solar and battery storage system reduces the amount of electricity you import from the grid, thus reducing your electricity bills. During the summer months you may not import any electricity and you will only pay the standing charge.

Do I need to tell my electricity supplier?

There is no need to tell your electricity supplier about your installation. However, the distribution network operator will be informed by us.

How do I purchase this system?

If you are interested in getting your own home energy system call us on (0)345 646 0019 or email home@anesco.co.uk.

Will this system work on any property?

Most houses can accommodate all elements of the Anesco Smart Energy system, however, some may not be able to have air source heat for example. A site survey will determine which system will work best for your home.

When I get my system?

We can typically arrange installation within 4 to 6 weeks depending on specific system requirements.

What if I do not own my property?

If you do not own the property you will need permission from the landlord. The Anesco Smart Energy team will be able to provide further advice.

Do I need planning permission?

Most systems will not require planning permission, however, we advise speaking with a planning officer if your property is listed or in a conservation area. Anesco Smart Energy can assist with planning applications.

How does this system affect my house insurance?

We recommend you inform your insurance provider of your new system installation.

Is this system right for me?

If you use a lot of energy, for example if you are a family; you have a larger property; if you have electric heating; or you drive an electric vehicle; then our energy system will help minimise your energy bills.

Existing solar can be made to work harder for you by storing the excess so that you can use it later, and if you don’t have solar, we can see if there is a suitable way of installing it and do it for you at the same time. Our surveyor can see if you would be suitable for a heat pump too. We will only ever recommend systems that are worthwhile to you, if the system won’t save you money and pay for itself, then we won’t recommend it.

By combining our products with the Home Energy Care Plan we accelerate your savings by switching you automatically to the lowest available tariff. We use our knowledge of your energy flexibility to make sure your battery takes full advantage of any off-peak periods and keep your bills as low as possible. And of course, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, by lowering your carbon footprint.

Are the savings guaranteed?

Because we are not in control of the way you use electricity in your home (we’re not Big Brother, we won’t be watching you!), we cannot guarantee the savings.

The amount you save will depend on how much energy you use and also what happens with electricity prices.

What we can guarantee is that the technologies we supply and our accelerator plan will ensure that any energy you are using is coming to you at the lowest possible cost. From helping you generate your own solar energy and renewable heat, to maximising the savings and benefits of these technologies by using a battery, and automatically switching you, so you are always on the best available tariff for the rest.

There are many reasons why the level of saving might change, such as:

  • If energy prices rise unexpectedly then you will save even more.
  • If you suddenly use significantly less energy that you were doing before, then because you’re using less, you’ll be saving less.

Either way, you win!


What size battery do I need?

We will use our clever algorithms to model the whole year and determine what is going to be the best size battery for you. This may typically be smaller than you might expect, as any battery we do suggest needs to be working hard all year round, to pay for itself. However, our systems are modular and can be increased in capacity at any point.

Additionally, if you wish to have to oversize the battery to capture every last drop of solar power being generated, then we can size it for you on that basis too.

Aren’t battery prices coming down? Shouldn’t I wait?

Battery prices have come down dramatically in the last few years and prices are now at an all-time low. While there may be further price drops in the future, as with any technology, the biggest drops are likely to have already happened.

Now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of this, and the benefits that a battery could offer for your home.

Will a battery storage system work with my existing solar system?

Yes, a battery system will work with existing solar panels.

What is the lifespan of a domestic battery?

The batteries we supply have a design life of 20 years depending on usage.

Where will the battery be installed?

The most popular place for a battery to be installed is in a kitchen, utility room or garage. However the actual location will depend on the layout of your property and the available wall space.

Who will own the battery storage?

You will own the battery storage.

How long does it take to install a battery?

It usually takes around 4hrs to install a battery storage unit in a home.


How long does it take to install solar panels?

It takes around 2 days for a rooftop solar scheme to be installed.

What size roof do I need?

There is no minimum roof size, however, the larger the roof the more power you can generate and store to reduce your energy bills. During the free energy assessment and site survey we will work out if a home energy system makes sense for your house.

Does my roof need to face south?

Solar panels on a south-facing roof will generate the maximum amount of electricity, however, even east- or west-facing systems can be viable.

Will I get the feed-in tariff on my solar panels?

If you already have solar panels, your Feed-in-Tariff payments will not be affected by installing a battery storage system. The Feed-in-Tariff for new solar panel installations ended on 31st March 2019. A battery storage system will allow you to use more of the solar power you generate and thus increase your electricity bill savings.

Is my roof suitable for solar?

We will assess the suitability of your roof during our site survey.

Are solar panels worth it?

The simple answer is yes, solar panels are still worth investing in, despite the Feed-in-Tariff ending in early 2019.  Solar panels, when used in conjunction with battery storage is a worthwhile investment as you are increasing the energy used from your panels.

What is the lifespan of solar PV?

A maintained solar PV system has a lifespan of approximately 25 years. Naturally with age there will be a loss in performance.

Who will own the solar?

You will own the solar system.


How long does it take to install an air source heat pump (ASHP)?

It takes around 3 days for an ASHP to be installed.

Is my house suitable for ASHP?

Not all properties will be suited to air source heat. During our site survey we will be determine if an air source heat pump will work in your home.

Who will own the air source heat pump?

You will own the air source heat pump.

Care Plan

Will the service plan monitor my existing equipment?

No, however we can arrange this for you, for an additional charge, if it is important to you. It may involve installing a new generation meter. Please let us know during the survey if this is of interest to you.

We don’t currently offer monitoring for solar thermal or biomass equipment.

Cancellation policy

Customers sign up for a year and pay a monthly fee for the Anesco Smart Energy Care package. At the end of the term, you will be able to renew automatically, or can cancel with no penalty to pay.

How quickly are problems detected and fixed?

We detect problems as quickly as they arise, however some things (such as an interruption in the household internet connection) resolve themselves within a day, so in those cases we will wait and see if it really is a problem.

With other issues, such as pressure alarms or fault reports, we will investigate the information as soon as we can and arrange for someone to come and visit to repair or inspect the issue.

Renewable Heat

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

Under the UK Government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, you can receive quarterly cash payments over seven years if you install an eligible renewable heating technology.