Will’s Case Study

“Lower bills and lower emissions are a win-win for us.”

Future-proofing their home against spiralling energy costs, while switching to a more environmentally-friendly source of power, was an easy decision for Will and his family.

Will, his wife and their four children live in a six-bedroom detached house, located in the suburbs of Bristol. The property dates back to 1905 and with a 40-year old boiler and Aga being the main sources of heat, monthly energy bills had typically totalled around £280.

The family were keen to see what improvements could be made, to reduce their costs and help them be more energy efficient.

Will explains: “Being a large, older property with poor insulation and an ancient heating system, our home was really inefficient when it came to energy use. As someone who works closely with the renewables industry, I was aware of the benefits of solar PV and home batteries, to reduce energy bills but also improve our carbon footprint.

“Alongside a wider renovation project, we decided to look into the feasibility of such technologies.”

Modelling the benefits of potential upgrades

The Anesco Smart Energy team began by fitting smart meters to examine the family’s current energy use. Based on the information gathered, a detailed energy profile was created and used to model the potential effectiveness of different types and sizes of renewable energy systems.

A report and recommendations were provided to the family, including costs, payback periods and all relevant incentive schemes. A site visit was then undertaken by a surveyor, who carried out an electrical survey, as well as ensuring the rooftop was suitable to be fitted with solar panels.

Generating their own power

The property was fitted with a rooftop solar PV scheme and hybrid home battery storage unit. The upgrades were completed by Anesco within a couple of days and the customer support team continues to work closely with the family on the ongoing performance and management of the system, as part of the Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan.

An added benefit of the care plan is that it automatically switches the household to the lowest available energy tariff. This means any energy that is bought from the grid, is always purchased at the lowest possible price.

Will commented: “The technologies are very discrete and were installed quickly with minimal disruption. We can’t fault the team at Anesco at Home, they managed the whole project very professionally and couldn’t do enough for us – even going above and beyond to help with a separate issue we were having. I would heartily recommend them, to anyone thinking of upgrading their home energy system.”

Technologies installed

Rooftop solar PV – A 3.99kW solar PV scheme, comprising of 14 panels, has been fitted to the south-facing roof space. The panels convert sunlight into electricity, even on cloudy days, which can be used to power lighting and appliances.

Energy storage unit – A 5kWh / 2.5kW Sonnen battery storage unit has been installed within a downstairs meter cupboard. It will store power being generated by the solar panels, so it can be used by the family when they need it, such as in the evenings when the panels are not generating.

Additionally, the battery will ‘buy cheap sell peak’ by charging itself from the grid when energy prices are at their cheapest and discharging power back into the grid when rates are high, resulting in further financial benefits.

Protection against rising energy costs

The family previously spent around £3,400 a year in total on their gas and electricity bills. Thanks to this project, they are now on track to reduce their annual energy bills.

“Having our own source of power, as well as a battery to capture what we’re generating, is fantastic,” commented Will. “We’re now far more self-sufficient and have protected ourselves against rising costs, while cutting our gas use down to a minimum. Lower bills and lower emissions are a win-win for us.”

He continued: “We love being able to look at the data to see how much energy we’re generating. The fact we are automatically being switched to the lowest energy tariff for any energy we do buy, is also an added bonus.

“As a next step, we plan to upgrade to an electric car, which again will fit perfectly with our solar/battery energy system and help us lower our use of fossil fuels even more.”

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We’re now far more self-sufficient and have protected ourselves against rising costs, while cutting our gas use down to a minimum. Lower bills and lower emissions are a win-win for us.

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About this case study

At Anesco, we are committed to our customers and to providing them with an outstanding service. As such, we believe in fully testing our solutions and procedures first hand, to gather learnings that we then use to improve and enhance our offering.

Will is an external advisor who works with Anesco and is part of a small group of volunteers who agreed to take part in a trial of our domestic renewable solutions. As such, we thank Will and his family for their participation and feedback.