Georgina’s Case Study

“We are making huge savings on our energy bills and the overall results have far exceeded our expectations.”

For Georgina from Essex, lowering the household energy bills while reducing the family’s impact on the environment, is a top priority.

Georgina, her husband and two young children, live in a modern, four-bedroom semi-detached house in Brentwood. After purchasing a rooftop solar PV scheme five years ago, the family were keen to see which other technologies could help them maximise the benefits of their existing solar installation, while further reducing their energy costs.

“Having a standard gas system boiler, two young children, and with me also working from home a majority of the time, our energy bills have always been quite high,” explains Georgina.

“Solar was a great fit for us and we’ve since gone on to buy our first electric car too, but we were keen to explore what other options there might be. For example, there has been so much written in the media about energy storage that it was one of the technologies we were particular keen to learn more about.”

Georgina and her family subsequently agreed to take part in a trial run by Anesco, to test different systems and renewable technologies, and measure their true impact on a domestic property, as well as reviewing the overall process and looking for ways to improve and enhance the customer experience.

Finding the best solutions for the property

The Anesco team began by examining current energy use. This involved fitting a smart meter at the house to gather accurate data that could be used to create an individual energy use profile. This data was then used to assess the types of technology and size of system that would be most beneficial for the individual property.

A report detailing the recommendations was produced, looking at potential costs, payback periods, all relevant incentive schemes and funding options. A surveyor visited the house to undertake an electrical survey and ensure all relevant regulations were met and applications were made.

Offering complete peace of mind

The property has been fitted with an air to water heat pump and an energy storage unit, with the whole project completed in a week. Anesco’s team not only managed the installation but continues to work closely with the family on the ongoing management of their energy bills via an auto-switching service.

Georgina commented: “When we first looked into this, one of the biggest challenges we encountered was understanding our energy bills and usage. Knowing what we needed to do and when, checking we had the right meters, so we could accurately do the sums and make an informed decision regarding our energy supplier seemed a mountain to climb.

“These were all important learnings from the trial and have been used to refine the process even further, so it’s even simpler for customers. It’s one of the key ways that Anesco adds value, as the team works closely with each customer to manage the whole process from start to finish and following the installation. This provides complete peace of mind that everything is in hand.”

Technologies installed

Heat pump – An 8kW NIBE air-to-water heat pump has been installed, which has replaced the existing gas central heating system. It works by extracting heat from the air, which can then be used for hot water and heating within the property.

The family will also receive payments for the next seven years via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a government scheme that was introduced to encourage the use of renewable heat.

Energy storage unit – A 10MWh Sonnen battery storage unit has been installed in the kitchen. It will store energy being generated by the solar panels, so it can be used when the family needs it most and when the panels may not be generating (such as in the evenings).

The battery will also charge itself from the grid at the cheapest times and then discharge power back into the grid at peak rate, leading to additional financial benefits.

Being in such a prominent location it was important that the unit not only functioned well, but also looked attractive. The integrated design means all parts are housed within one unit.

It is quick to react to the market and provides detailed reports that can be viewed on a smart phone.

Energy bills have been halved

The family previously spent £2k a year in total on their gas and electricity bills. Thanks to this project they are now saving around £900 on their annual energy bills.

The air source heat pump also qualifies for additional payments of around
£1,100 per year through the Renewable Heat Incentive, which are guaranteed for the next seven years.

Georgina commented: “We’re really pleased with the upgrades. They have enabled us to make the most of our existing solar scheme, while also improving our carbon footprint by switching to a far more efficient heating system.”

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Having a standard gas system boiler, two young children, and with me also working from home a majority of the time, our energy bills have always been quite high

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About this case study

At Anesco, we are committed to our customers and to providing them with an outstanding service. As such, we believe in fully testing our solutions and procedures first hand, to gather learnings that we then use to improve and enhance our offering.

Georgina is part of a small selection of Anesco employees who volunteered to take part in a trial of our domestic renewable solutions. As such, we thank Georgina and her family for their participation and feedback.