How it works

Whether you have existing solar panels, you’re interested in a battery, or you’re thinking of making an investment in renewable technologies for the first time, we will work with you to design and install the right combination of technologies for you.

4 steps to greener, low cost energy

  1. Generate
    Rooftop solar panels provide renewable electricity to power your home and electric vehicles. The optional addition of an Air Source Heat Pump to generate heat enhances the system further and brings even greater savings on energy bills.
  2. Store
    Your intelligent home battery unit sits at the heart of the system. It stores the electricity being generated by your solar panels and responds automatically to demands for energy in your home. It helps you use your energy when you need it and at the most cost-effective times, helping you get the maximum benefit.
  3. Switch
    Our Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan then accelerates your savings, by automatically switching you to the best energy tariffs for your new system. The battery means you can store the electricity you generate at times when you are not using it for use at times when you would otherwise be buying electricity. It also enables you to buy electricity at times when it is cheap for use at times when buying it would be expensive.
  4. Save
    You can then sit back and count the savings. With our complete home energy system in place, your energy bills will reduce, and you’ll also be lowering your impact on the environment by improving your carbon footprint.

Designing the best system for you

Our expert team will work closely with you to design and install the best system for you, based on your individual property and how you use energy.

The process of working with us includes:

  1. Energy assessment
    Our expert team will work closely with you to assess your current energy use and any existing solar schemes and renewable technologies, before crunching the number to find what is going to be the best combination and size of eco technologies for you.
  2. Surveyor visit
    An experienced surveyor will then visit you at your property, to make sure that our assumptions are correct and that we can physically install whichever technologies you have chosen. We will also use this information to finalise the details of your installation.
  3. Quotation and finance options
    We will then prepare a formal quote for you. At this point, we can also provide details of different finance options, if you require them. If you wish to go ahead and accept of our quotation you will have a two week cooling-off period.
  4. Installation booked
    We will then arrange for our installation team to attend, at a time and date that is most convenient for you. In the unlikely event there are any issues around planning permission or connections, we will also handle this for you.
  5. Installation is carried out
    The installation of your chosen system will then be completed – typically taking between 4 hours to 3 days, depending on the renewable technologies being installed.
  6. Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan starts
    If you have signed up for our Anesco Smart Energy Care Plan, we will begin monitoring the performance of your system from day one. Alongside this, our intelligent energy tariff checker will start automatically finding the best available energy tariff and each time you can save another £50 the switch will go ahead.
  7. Customer reports
    Our reports will show you how much power you are using from your battery; how much you have saved by using excess solar power, by storing electricity purchased off peak and used when electricity prices are higher; and how much renewable heat you have generated. We will also notify you if any problems have been spotted and detail what action has been taken.

Find out what you could save, using our special energy savings calculator, or call us for more information on +44 (0)345 646 0019.