What is Anesco Smart Energy?

Anesco Smart Energy is a complete home system designed to save you money, boost the benefit of your renewable technologies and maximise the return on your eco investment.

Anesco Smart Energy is best suited for reducing the energy bills of families, larger properties, and /or people who drive electric vehicles. It will also help you reduce your carbon footprint, and all while achieving a market leading return on investment on domestic energy storage.

The system enables homeowners to generate their own green electricity and gain the maximum benefit from it. Our clever tariff switching service works with the capabilities of your energy storage and the whole process is managed automatically. Regular monthly checks are done to make sure you’re on the very best deal and each time you can save another £50 the switch will go ahead.

Our renewables technology monitoring and maintenance service provides extra peace of mind, ensuring that any problems are quickly spotted and rectified, protecting your investment.

Expert installation

The quality of our service is as important to us as the quality of our products. All Anesco Smart Energy installations are carried out by qualified and experienced engineers. Every installation is completed neatly and efficiently.

Generate. Store. Switch. Save

At the heart of the home energy system is a domestic battery storage unit, which can be used to store electricity and release it at the most cost-effective times (such as when energy prices are at their highest). The battery can be used alongside a new or existing solar scheme and ensures every bit of power possible is being generated is captured and used in your home. Whether that is for powering the home and appliances or charging an electric vehicle.

When used in conjunction with an air source heat pump, which can provide heating and hot water for the property, the total savings are even greater. Heat pumps use electricity to extract heat energy from the air outside, so if you are lowering your cost of electricity by using more of your own solar power this is even more cost efficient. Heat pumps also benefit from Government-backed financial incentives for renewable heat, making the potential savings – even healthier.

Completing the system is our ground-breaking Anesco Smart Energy  Care Plan, which monitors the whole system to ensure it continues to operate at its maximum capacity. But it also does something rather clever – it automatically switches the home to the best energy tariff for you, meaning you never need to worry about overpaying for energy again.

Find out what you could save, using our special energy savings calculator, or call us for more information on +44 (0)345 646 0019.

Anesco At Home - Green graphic

Our clever system automatically switches the home to the best energy tariff for you – you never need to worry about overpaying for energy again.